Ask The Right Questions To Increase Safety AND Profits

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Increase Productivity, Profits AND Safety by Asking Yourself the 2 Following Questions on EVERY MULTI-STORY PROJECT.

  1. “Do I ever experience bottlenecks or delays?”
  2. “Is there a better way to move materials up and down on the job?”

Yes, it really is that easy.  If you get into the HABIT of asking yourself these questions, you will find that you can eliminate delays and increase both safety AND productivity with the right hoisting solutions.  



Even if you have cranes, lulls or hoists on site – If contractors and subs are sharing this equipment they are going to run into bottlenecks and delays.


Using Ropes and Pulleys – is not efficient, and not particularly safe.


Using Stair Towers – also not an efficient way to move materials, wastes time and causes fatigue – making your workers less productive and more susceptible to accidents and injury.


Man Lines—one of the highest-risk areas of any job site and an inefficient use of manpower.  More men handling more material = more risk of injury.


The problem of how to move materials up and down must be solved on EVERY multi-story project.  Ask the right questions to solve this problem.

We can help.

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