Top 5 Reasons To Use Beta Max Hoists

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There are many good reasons to use Beta Max High Speed Portable Hoists to move materials on the job.  Here are the TOP 5 REASONS:

  1. INCREASED SAFETY.  Beta Max Hoists are a much safer alternative to man-lines, carrying materials up stair towers, ropes and pulleys etc.  Every company should place a high priority on workplace safety, and this is one easy way to improve safety.
  2. REDUCE BOTTLENECKS AND DELAYS.  Delays on the job are frequently caused by bottlenecks with material delivery.  Not only do delays wreck profits on one job here and there, they can damage your reputation with regards to completing projects on schedule.  Eliminate delays by giving your crews 100% control over their material delivery with high speed hoists.
  3. KEEP YOUR SKILLED LABOR IN PLACE AND PRODUCING.  A common mistake on job sites is using your access solution (mast climbers, swing stages etc.) to get tools and materials.  This is inefficient because these work platforms do not move quickly, and every time you lower them to get materials you are taking your skilled workers out of position and losing productivity.  Keep your workers in position and use hoists to supply them with the tools and materials they need, as fast as they need them.
    Swing Stage With I-Beam

    I-Beam setup with Swing Stage

  4. IMPROVE YOUR LABOR UTILIZATION.  Don’t waste your manpower moving materials.  Productivity is increased significantly when you use high speed hoists to move materials, and utilize your labor doing more productive and profitable work.  Hoists don’t get winded, pull muscles or drop materials.
  5. Tremendous ROI.  Beta Max Hoists are the most reliable, longest lasting hoists in the industry.  They typically pay for themselves on the first job, and with a typical life in the field of over 10 years, they are making you money on job after job, year after year.

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