How Can Beta Max Hoists Help Your Business in 2019?

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We are back from another successful show at the World of Concrete 2019 in Las Vegas, and we are ready to get to work helping our customers elevate their business.

Whether you are a GC, or a contractor in masonry, stucco, glazing, roofing, waterproofing, restoration or other trades, or if you are an equipment or access provider or a scaffold company – we have hoisting solutions that WILL IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE.  Read on…

If you are a contractor…

Ask yourself the following 2 questions:

  1. How am I currently moving personnel and materials to working heights on multi-story projects?

  2. Do I experience any bottlenecks or delays on the job?

Beta Max Hoists can help you eliminate down time and improve your project timelines by streamlining the movement of people and materials on the job.


High Speed Wire Rope Hoists-

  • Our Portable Hoists are the longest lasting, most reliable in the industry and give you the ability to lift materials at up to 80 feet per minute
  • Lifting capacities of up to 2000 lbs at a fraction of the cost of other hoisting systems. 
  • Don’t waste time trying to share crane time or waiting around for lulls and other equipment…instead, enable your crews to work independently and get the materials they need delivered as fast as they need them.  


Rack and Pinion Personnel Hoists, Material Hoists and Transport Platforms

  • Beta Max offers a full line of Rack and Pinion Hoists that are ideal for moving personnel and material on mid-rise projects such as multi-use buildings and other projects, especially those in the range of 50′ – 200′ in height. 
  • Our Rack and Pinion Hoists have smaller footprints and exert less forces on the structure, and can be installed on concrete or wood structures and even to scaffolding. 
  • Save thousands of $$ by using these cost efficient hoists instead of larger “buck hoists” or cranes.


If you are a Scaffold company…

Maxial Track Scaffold Hoists have changed the scaffold industry.  If you aren’t using Maxial Track Hoists yet, your competitors probably are.

  • Maxial Track Hoists are specifically designed for Scaffold E&D and the hoist system builds easily along with the scaffold. 
  • Increase SAFETY dramatically by eliminating man-lines or daisy chains.  By reducing the amount of material that needs to be passed up and down you reduce the risk of injury exponentially.
  • Take on more work with your existing workforce by better utilizing your manpower doing more productive work.  Customers typically report that when they use Maxial Track Hoists they can complete their projects with approximately half of the number of workers that they would normally need so they are able to use allocate workers on other projects.  It is not uncommon for scaffold companies to DOUBLE OR EVEN TRIPLE revenue with the help of Maxial Track Hoists.  

NOTE: If you are currently using Maxial Track Hoists, but you are not using 2 systems in tandem the way they are designed you are not getting the full benefit.  Using 2 hoists in tandem eliminates time waiting for the empty baskets to be reloaded or vice versa.


If you are an Equipment Supply / Rental company or Solution Provider…

Beta Max Hoists offer multiple lucrative revenue streams that will help you grow your business with us and better serve your customers.  Talk to us about how you can increase revenue with our hoisting solutions. 

A project like the one pictured below (2 Maxial Track Hoists and 4 Portable Hoists installed on this one job) can generate approximately $7000 – $8000 a month in rental revenue.


We have new training programs, sales training and support, marketing collateral, literature and videos to help you.  Beta Max will partner with you and work with you to help you succeed. 

Want to schedule a visit to Beta Max Hoist for hands on product orientations, sales training and spend some time with the Beta Max team?  Contact us today and we will put together a Beta Max Experience that will have a lasting impact on your ability to effectively recognize and capitalize on opportunities to generate income with Beta Max Hoists.  Expand Customer Base


Make the most of 2019 and take advantage of the robust construction industry this year with Beta Max Hoists.  Contact us today–we can help!

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