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Builder Overcomes Jobsite Challenges With Compact Hoist

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&bnsp; Harkins Builders, a Mid-Atlantic construction management company headquartered in Maryland, recently completed the Strata Flats at Four City Center, a luxury 5-story mixed use building project in Allentown, PA.    This project was located on a street corner in a dense urban area.  The footprint of the structure itself left little room for additional [...]

Building Codes In Many States Trigger Demand for Smaller Personnel Hoists

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Building codes in many states now require a construction elevator or personnel lift on the jobsite.  They are required in California, Nevada and Washington all multi-story construction projects that exceed 60 ft in height.  The same requirement exists in other states (New York, for example) for structures that exceed 75 ft.  Don't risk having your project [...]

Man climbs 108 floors in under 8 minutes

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Unless everyone of your work crew can climb stairs as fast as this guy, you are better off installing a Max Climber 2000 PMB personnel hoist. Sproule Love climbed 108 floors in 7 minutes and 22 seconds to win the Scale the Strat contest in Las Vegas last week.  Impressive for sure.  But after accomplishing that [...]

Shadrock Masonry Builds Texas A&M Dome

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    Project: Masonry Exterior of Central Academic Building  Location: Texas A&M San Antonio Campus Demands:  Transport brick & mortar to 70 feet high building dome safely and economically. Solution: Beta Max Max Climber 2000 Material Hoist (Rack & Pinion Company: Shadrock & Williams Masonry Ltd.    Shadrock and Williams Masonry contacted Beta Max Hoists [...]

Time Lapse of Personnel Lift Install at Tennis Tournament

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Time Lapse Nussli BB&T

Nussli constructs temporary event structures (grandstands, stadiums, stages, etc.) all over the world.   They do a great job and are hard at work this week constructing a stadium for an upcoming tennis tournament.   Time lapse video of the construction captured install and testing of a Beta Max personnel hoist that will be used [...]

Beta Max Helps Restore Historic Guardian Building in Detroit

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Industry Leader Beta Max delivers equipment lifting solutions to local Detroit construction Company Tools/Sache, LLC for restoration of the giant historical skyscraper known as “The Guardian Building”. Detroit, Michigan’s giant historical skyscraper  “The Guardian”, gets facelift with state of the art lifting equipment from national industry giant Beta Max Hoists. Local Detroit Company Tools/Sache LLC [...]

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