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Top 5 Reasons To Use Beta Max Hoists

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There are many good reasons to use Beta Max High Speed Portable Hoists to move materials on the job.  Here are the TOP 5 REASONS: INCREASED SAFETY.  Beta Max Hoists are a much safer alternative to man-lines, carrying materials up stair towers, ropes and pulleys etc.  Every company should place a high priority on workplace [...]

A Look at the Costs of Job Site Injuries and One Easy Way to Reduce Risk

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Everyone in the industry knows that job site safety is an important issue.  Safety is a big issue because people are not expendable and should never be treated that way.  The health and safety of employees is something that every employer should be concerned about simply from a moral standpoint. Safety also significantly impacts the bottom [...]

The #1 Rule to Getting More Done Working at Height

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By Troy PalmerEvery project that involves doing work at height involves some of the same logistical challenges: how to get your workers in position, how to get tools and material into position, how to keep overhead costs under control, etc. In order to increase profits and be able to bid jobs competitively, focusing on productivity [...]

Beta Max Offers the Max Climber™ 2000 Rack & Pinion Lifting System

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Beta Max  Inc., a leading provider of affordable material lifting solutions, introduces its Max Climber™ 2000 Rack & Pinion Hoist.  Designed to ensure optimum safety when lifting general building materials in the construction, restoration, scaffolding, facility maintenance and power plant markets, the Max Climber 2000 is equipped with premium features that allow operators to easily [...]

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