And the Winner is…Beta Max!

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Beta Max Wins Award at SAIA for"Commercial Collaborative Project of the Year".(July 2017) The annual SAIA Conference was held in Montreal, and the event was capped off with the President's Gala Awards Banquet.  Among the many awards that were presented to various industry leaders for their contributions to SAIA and the scaffold industry, Beta Max [...]

Increase Profits by Tackling More Work with Maxial Hoist

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By Troy Palmer Getting more work done with the same work force is obviously an attractive concept for any company.  If you can produce more without increasing labor overhead or having to find and train new people, profits go up.  In the scaffolding industry, the number of jobs that companies can take on is limited by [...]

Lift Profits in 2017 with Beta Max! Come see us at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

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Quick Question: How are you getting your materials to the upper decks on your jobsites?How you are moving materials when working at height makes a bigger difference than you might think when it comes to productivity and profits.You are losing time and money if you are doing the following:Bringing materials up stairs—This is usually slow [...]

The #1 Rule to Getting More Done Working at Height

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By Troy PalmerEvery project that involves doing work at height involves some of the same logistical challenges: how to get your workers in position, how to get tools and material into position, how to keep overhead costs under control, etc. In order to increase profits and be able to bid jobs competitively, focusing on productivity [...]

Builder Overcomes Jobsite Challenges With Compact Hoist

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&bnsp; Harkins Builders, a Mid-Atlantic construction management company headquartered in Maryland, recently completed the Strata Flats at Four City Center, a luxury 5-story mixed use building project in Allentown, PA.    This project was located on a street corner in a dense urban area.  The footprint of the structure itself left little room for additional [...]

Building Codes In Many States Trigger Demand for Smaller Personnel Hoists

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Building codes in many states now require a construction elevator or personnel lift on the jobsite.  They are required in California, Nevada and Washington all multi-story construction projects that exceed 60 ft in height.  The same requirement exists in other states (New York, for example) for structures that exceed 75 ft.  Don't risk having your project [...]

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